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Why choose hardwood

When you install striking new hardwood planks in the home, you are truly making a long-lasting investment. Hardwood floors create undeniably warm, naturally beautiful room scenes that connect us to the great outdoors. Prospective homebuyers prefer hardwood floors to any other flooring type and no flooring materials adds more value to your home’s listing than hardwood. Also, these tough, durable floors can be refinished down the line when needed.

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Customer Projects

It’s our honor to help Lebanon, OR homeowners finish their flooring projects with gorgeous, eye-catching styles. Take a look at these completed customer projects and reach out to our experts to uplift your rooms with new floors.

Hardwood Flooring Installation | Premiere Floor Covering

Hardwood Installation

New hardwood installation is always exciting, and our flooring experts can help you prepare most effectively for the big day. Follow these helpful steps before, after, and during installation for a smooth process.

Hardwood Care & Maintenance

With the right routine, effective hardwood care and maintenance is easy to complete each week. In addition to preventative measures and daily care, proper stain and spill treatment steps will help keep your planks looking fantastic.

Hardwood Flooring Care | Premiere Floor Covering

Hardwood Inspiration

We love helping homeowners use luxurious, warm hardwood to complete inspired spaces throughout the home. From modern and contemporary styles to trademark rustic and high-character options, you can easily use hardwood to capture your favorite vibe. Explore our Hardwood Inspiration Gallery to gather excellent ideas and spark your vision.

Visualize your room

Take the guesswork out of shopping for new flooring with Roomvo visualizer. See our products in your rooms.


Subject to credit approval, Wells Fargo Financing can help you bring home new flooring more easily.