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Hard Surface Cleaning

Cleaning Hard Surfaces In the constant flow of television commercials, we have all come across the infamous “steam mops.” Now in theory, using steam to clean your floors sounds like a great idea without using those nasty chemicals, but in reality it can cause an extensive amount of damage. For example, say you have a laminate or hardwood floor in your home. If steam gets into those joints of the floor, it will start to rise (we call it “peaking”) and if you get enough moisture in those cracks, the peaking cannot heal it and your floor is now ruined. Using the steam on vinyl would also destroy the seams over time. We suggest you stick with damp mopping your floors, as do the manufacturers. If you come to our store, we have many cleaning products made specifically for your floor. Always use non-soap cleaners for hard surface cleaning. Soap cleaners (like dish soap) should never be used, as they can leave a residue and build-up making your floors look dirty. It will also make dust and dirt stick to them and they will require more frequent cleaning.

When diluting concentrate cleaners, make sure you follow the directions. (Yes, you will need to read the directions!) If it calls for two ounces of cleaner to one gallon of water, they mean it. More cleaner is NOT better. Never use wax type cleaners (like Mop & Glow) or rejuvenators, as they too will leave a build-up and they are very difficult to remove.
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